W has a new hatW has a long history of hat wear. If I had more energy I would present to you a collection of his mug in hats. But if I paused to go hunting for those photos now another day might go without my writing here and for heavens sake we have got to get that Mother’s Day post off the top shelf.

We had a nice weekend. W spent Saturday with Lolly celebrating trains at the train station in Philadelphia. Oh my word did those two have a blast! I keep thinking about how my Grandfather would take me on adventures and it makes me thrilled to see that W and my Mother have the same sort of adventure bond. It’s special and wonderful.

Sunday W jumped on my bed bright and early to wish me a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!! ARE YOU UP? HELLO?!! HEY MAMA! I GOT YOU SOMETHING!! MAAAAAA MAAAAAAA!!!

This is the part where I realize that I forgot to take a photo of the lovely gift that my Mom put together for me and I know she is going to frown because she is damn proud of her gift (as she should be – it is so cool!) and here I am gushing about it and there is no photo and it is ALL THE WAY UPSTAIRS. Remind me to take a photo and share it here. (spoiler alert: it’s a book celebrating our weekend in New York!)

{sorry mom!}

W was wildly disappointed that he did not receive a gift for Mother’s Day. He demands a recount.

(By the way, I decided to include a silly photo from this weekend with W celebrating his new hat and then I cracked up. I swear there is not a single photo of this kid without the vacuum somehow showing up in the background…at this point it’s just tradition!

there is more page break

Stuff I wrote:

• Feeding America asked me to shed some light on hunger and seniors in our nation. From a caregiver’s perspective this was really important for me to write. Seniors and Hunger: A Caregiver’s Concern

• I had SO much fun researching and writing this post about pop culture and baby names. I am totally fascinated by the Ferris Bueller connection!

• Did you enter to win a $100 Shell gift card? It’s an easy peasy entry. Who doesn’t need some gas money? Right?

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