Happy Mothership Day: celebrating the people who make motherhood possibleThe other day W told me that he would like some binoculars for Mother’s Day. I just looked at him. He continued. “I want the kind with the string on them that I can wear on my neck when I’m not using them.” I blinked at him. “And you don’t have to wrap it!”

Ah, Mother’s day, the holiday that really is sort of all-encompassing.

The truth is, now that I am a Mom, my mother’s day is EVERY day. I have mother mornings, mother afternoons, mother evenings, mother middle of the nights. The moment I became W’s mother our days and nights merged. Until he is ready to fly out of this nest that is the way that it will be.

It’s nice that people want to pat mothers on the heads on a day in May. However I would like to take a moment and thank all of the people and places that allow me to be the kind of mother that I get to be. Every mother should have a support team (and if you don’t have one speak up and let’s get you one!) and I am incredibly lucky to have a diverse network of people in my life who make this mothership fly.

Happy You Make This Mothership Fly Day:

LOLLY: special thanks to a fantastic helmsman, my own Mom! I couldn’t parent without the help of my own parent. It is impossible to list all of the ways that my Mom helps us fly. She is amazing.

W: Best passenger on a rocket ship EVER! You are the reason for the mission, little buddy.

My Friends: These are the people who keep the ship steady. Many of these women have been through HELL to get on their own motherships so when it comes to moments of panic they just effing get it.
LJ, JJ, Amy, Jane, Cecily, Lynette, Jo-Ann, Annie, Julia, Katherine, Liz, Lisa. etc.

My Bosses: I am SO LUCKY that I am able to work a flexible schedule and this luck is because I work for some pretty fantastic people. I work part time for AboutOne and am able to work most of my hours for them in the morning and then in the afternoon, after I get home with W from the playground, I try to wrap up anything else they need that day. I then try to write one or two articles for Babble a day and I work on those in the evenings once Mom is home. In between those two jobs I still try to fit in a bit of freelance writing and design work.

Having such a flexible schedule is a GIFT and I am thankful for it. I love that I am able to spend time playing with W after school before I need to dive back into projects.

People on the Interwebs: I start my morning getting news about the world online. I love being connected to such a wonderful and diverse community of people. Just scrolling through my twitter stream helps me feel grounded because as soon as I get in the car with W it’s a sing-a-long. No morning news for us on the drive to school.

My coffee: I imagine coffee is what helps fuel MANY motherships!

My gym: I am off routine this last week, but I can say with certainty that going four times a week to the gym has been great for me. It has taken me a LONG TIME to really understand (and implement) the idea that moms need to make themselves a priority. Going to the gym and feeling how much power and energy it gave me was a triumph. Everybody wins!

Who helps your Mothership fly?

Happy weekend to all who are celebrating and all who are helping others celebrate. Love to all who are missing their mothers or their children this weekend. More love to all the women still waiting to celebrate their first mother’s day.

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