Smell the Tulips: the boy with pink fingernails momentThis afternoon a boy I didn’t recognize came up to me at the playground and asked me why my son had pink fingernails. I was about to explain, but then I thought, you know what, W should be able to explain to someone why he has pink fingernails. So I told the boy to ask W.

I watched the kid jog off to the slides where W was busy climbing up the wrong way with his regular group of afternoon pals. I heard the kid yell up to a laughing W.

“Hey! Hey boy! Your fingernails are pink!”


Well that wasn’t exactly how I expected him to ask.

He continued.

“Boy! Did you know you have pink fingernails? Are you a girl?”


But I stayed where I was. I watched. I listened. I held my breath.

W looked over at the unfamiliar boy and said, “I’m not a girl. I’m a W____! I like pink!”

There was a bit of a breeze through the playground and I waited to see how the conversation would go.

W called down to the boy and said, “come on and play with us!”

I watched the unfamiliar boy hoist himself up the slide the wrong way and join in with the rest of the kids.

And oh my heavens was I ever proud and in love with my son.

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