Someone on the internet: how has someone helped you?

JJ is having her surgery today. Right now to be exact. All night I was thinking about all of the collisions of threads of life that happened that make the internet special. Sure, there are some dark sides of the internet. Every bright moment has a shadow.  JJ is one of the bright moments of the internet for me, and I imagine for many of you as well. I met her while I was on my journey to trying to become a Mom.

The people on the internet have done good work. Lots of it. There are all of these little pockets of amazing happening every day, little ripples of connectivity happening every hour. Someone tweets out that they need someone to talk to and instantly they are not alone.

I want to compile a list of the ways that we have been helped/ touched/ saved/ moved/ by someone on the internet. I know I am not the only one. I want to think of only good and positive things today. For all of us. And especially for JJ.

Please leave your own submissions in the comments or email them to me and I will add to list. Names will not be used on the list.

Someone on the internet:

• provided a Thanksgiving meal to my family
• helped me find a job
• helped me find a place to stay
• gave me a number to a doctor
• checked in on me
• sent me a card on the anniversary of my loss
• taught me how to use Twitter
• shared an recipe for beef stew!
• bought my car
• helped me figure out how to change careers
• coached me over the phone the morning of my job interview
• gave me great advice when my son was first diagnosed
• sent my daughter sparkle shoes
• became my best friends
• told me I wasn’t alone
• met me up with my family for lunch while we were on vacation
• told me to keep writing. So I am.
• Someone on the Internet told me about melatonin about 5 years ago…100% changed my life.

Help me grow this list.

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