What Dresden has been up to elsewhere...It’s been a busy few days for us over here. I have been balancing a full work load and W has been fighting The Sick. Mom is leaving tomorrow to go on a work trip for a few days so I am in this panic to DO ALL THE THINGS because I am fully aware how much our family of three leans on each other. There is no “leaning in” but there is plenty of leaning on.

Friday I had my follow up appointment at my doctor’s. This was to see how my blood pressure was doing and to check on how I am doing in general after my ZOMG appointment a month ago. Turns out my blood pressure is much better. (phew!) It also turns out that I have had a 5.76% weight loss. So. HOLY COW.

there is more page break

Here are a few of the posts that I have sent forth into the internet this past week:

• I wrote about the number of single moms in America (OMG THE NUMBERS!!) for BlogHer. I was glad to be able to offer my point of view to something that had made me a bit cranky.

Quotes about motherhood by celebrities that I dig
I spent WAY too much time on this one because I really wanted to find some hidden gems. I think I found some good ones. (Sally Field’s quote is my favorite.)

• The former French First Lady has a new album. Because you won’t read about this on any other blog. Heh.

Natalie Maines has a new album called Mother
Needless to say I am a fan of the Dixie Chicks. Their songs about infertility and Alzheimer’s were serious help-me-throughs. Natalie’s new album comes out next week but you can stream it online now.

Cher Loves Her Mom
I can not wait to see this documentary that Cher created to celebrate her 86 year old Mama. Who, by the way, has a new honky tonky album out. Oh yes.

Seems like I was all about new music this last week. Go figure!

Heads up: A sponsored post/ sweepstakes is going up tomorrow.

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