W at fourGetting W to be still to “pose” for a photograph these days is pretty much impossible. He can be bribed but ONLY if he is in the mood for bribing. Most of my photos of him are taken quickly on my phone. They are of him running and playing and they capture the spirit of who is so perfectly. But I wanted to make sure I captured this face. His perfect and silly and thoughtful face.

The other day the moon was full, he was in just the right mood, and there was a cookie in the house. He let me put on a timer and take photos of him for two minutes as long as he could have the cookie once we were done.


There was no time to comb his hair, no time to clean the supper off of his face, no time to make sure that the house in the background was tidy. This is W at four. In focus, out of focus, and making the WORST “cheese” face I have ever seen.

Seriously. Who the heck teaches these kids to say cheese like this?

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