Everything is a declaration these days.

“Hey Mama, you need to sit down so we can put on our shoes.”

“Hey Mama, we are going to go look at the flowers now.”

“Hey Mama, you should have more coffee.”

Last night W stuck his head into the kitchen and “Hey Mama’d” me and then proceeded to spell his name. He laughed and darted out of the kitchen so I called him back and he did it again.

Four continues to be a glorious age for all of us involved. He asks these amazing questions. He also makes these clever observations. His instincts for kindness are something that I am so proud to see. The other day he rushed over to me at the playground to tell me that there was a new little boy on the swings.

“Hey Mama, I’m just going to go talk to him because he doesn’t have any people here with him.”

I asked if he had a grown up with him and W replied, “He has a grown up, but he needs a friend!”

And off he went.

He still can’t tell a knock knock joke though.

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