Read Parts One, Two, and Three of Introducing Him to New York

Asleep in my arms: our NYC storyWhen I went to college in New York I was one of those arty farty kids that never went above 21st street. The Gramercy Park area was pretty much my limit. When I started waiting tables at a theme restaurant in mid town Manhattan it was just a few blocks away from Central Park. I can count on one hand the number of times that I walked over to the park after or before a shift. In my silly youth I though the park was for families and I didn’t have one of those.

Last weekend going to Central Park with Mom and W was the best part of the trip for me. We are so lucky that the rain ended Friday night and Saturday gifted us with this glorious cool and clear day.

Mom took W to the place with the singing waiters for breakfast Saturday morning so that I could get some sleep. When they returned to the hotel we cleaned up, checked out, and walked up to the park.

I have to say I was not relaxed at all at the first playground we went to. It was two hours of stress for me. Too many Law & Order episodes wafting through my brain for me to not hover about W. All I can say is thank goodness for the hot pink trucker hat he had on as it made spotting him in the concrete maze a bit easier. I appreciate that he can jump into new worlds and situations so easily, but there were too many unknown variables for me to chill.

I probably would have been more relaxed if I had been with another parent that was familiar with the playground and could have helped me keep an eye on W.

The next playground was our absolute favorite. It had this beautiful wood slide and plenty of shady area. We spent a solid hour there.

After the park we decided it was time to get something to eat. I remembered a place I liked near the park that I had been to with friends during BlogHer. We waited for just a few moments for a table , were seated, and then I felt W fall asleep on me. So once again Mom and I got to enjoy a meal with “just the two of us”.

After lunch we made the obligatory stop to FAO and W picked out NYC cars to bring home and then we took the subway to the train station. Of course W LOVED that. We were home and in bed by 9 Saturday evening.

I am so glad that we planned the trip and so relieved that it went well. I am mostly glad that my instincts to not make too many plans was the right one. Other than “go to central park” we didn’t have firm plans. It would have been nice to have met up with friends I have in the city, but not having a schedule allowed us a flexibility that we don’t ever have. When we go back we will absolutely make a play date out of it. If anything so that I can CHILL OUT at at the play grounds!

And now W has been four for almost two weeks. He is doing it so well.

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