Asleep at the diner in NYCSo there we were, three Philly folks on the streets of New York, at the start of a Friday morning commuter traffic. In New York commuter traffic also includes heavy foot traffic. Which is to say if you are a visitor to the city you best get off the side-walk pronto between the hours of 8am and 9am so you don’t make these lovely people late for work.

My brilliant idea was that we would walk from Penn station to our hotel in Times Square. It’s an easy walk and it would be a mellow way to introduce W to foot and street traffic. (um, you know what I mean, right?)

There were two things that made my brilliant plan fail:
1. It is impossible to walk at a “New York Pace” while holding hands with your Mother and your four year old
2. It started to rain.

As a rule, I do not do umbrellas. If you are over a certain height you just don’t. I have been poked in the face by so many umbrellas by so many… ok. Clearly I am getting off track here.

It was raining and there were three of us walking. Not cool.

And yet we continued to walk. And walk. And walk. Because I was determined that we were going to walk. I am pretty certain Mom was miserable and I know W was not having a good time. How did I know? Because he kept yelling, “I DO NOT LIKE THIS!”

After five blocks (which is not a lot in regular people blocks, but is equivalent to 6 miles when you are walking with a 4 year old) we stopped in a tourist shop so that W and Mom could purchase hats to wear. W picked out a hot pink ‘I heart NYC’ trucker hat and Mom a stylish fedora. I gave in and used an umbrella. ugh.

By the way, we were walking towards our hotel and it was the morning. There was no way that our hotel was going to be ready but it was just this place to walk TO. We figured we could drop our wet bags there, use the rest room in the lobby and then carry on with our adventure. When we got to our hotel we were floored that our room was ready. When the check in lady handed us warm cookies I almost cried. W looked up at the big purple chandelier in the lobby and yelled, “HELLO NEW YORK!”

We went up to the room and got out of our wet clothes and dried off. We took a look out the window and cheered in delight. Some people want a view of the park or the city. We got a view of the W hotel! Our W was very amused.

What followed next was the obvious nap battle that resulted in us caving in and heading back out into the city in the hopes that our combined lack of sleep wouldn’t be a total disaster. We decided that we could go to a nearby toy store as our big adventure of the day, but first we needed to eat a meal. We waited for a table at a diner that was halfway between our hotel and the toy store and Mr. I Don’t Need a Nap promptly fell asleep in my arms. It was the first time my Mother and I have been out to lunch in ages.

To be continued…


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