At what point will W grow out of the bland food group phase? I make him a basic variety of food stuffs, but his core food group is cereal.

I am thinking so much about food because, well, I am working on changing up what I eat. Trying to be cautious that my food considerations don’t spill over onto him.

I remember my Grandmother dieting for much of my childhood. While she dieted she would also make these elaborate and massive meals for my Mother and me. When it was supper time we would all sit down to the table and plates would be filled with a beautiful meal but Millie would have a large blue plastic “shake” cup. She would enjoy us enjoying the meal. If one of us needed something she instantly was up getting it.

I hated it. We all did.

Man, that giant blue plastic shake cup sat on the kitchen counter next to the sink for years. The rim was stained with a decade of lipstick that wouldn’t wash away.

That memory is part of why I won’t “diet” around my kid.

I’ve started reading about Paleo. LJ has been talking about it for AGES and I know it is supposed to be great for people with auto immune issues. Sarah has also sent some great suggestions about foods to eliminate.

There is a fitness app that I have been using and enjoying. I like to keep track of when I work out. You can also keep track of what you eat but I know I can get a bit obsessive about that stuff. It’s all a process.

I really am looking forward to when we can all sit down and eat a great meal together. That isn’t cereal. Wait. Is cereal paleo?

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