Making it happen: deciding to join a gym and work outI really hate it when I fail at time management. One little thing can get me off routine and then I feel totally disconnected and wow now it is FRIDAY and holy cow tomorrow W will be FOUR and it’s all just a blur. Which is both terrifying and exhilarating.

I blog for so many reasons but one of the biggest is because I don’t want to forget anything. I know we all have that anxiety, but after almost seven years living with Millie and Alzheimer’s I am seriously terrified of forgetting. The little things are just as valuable to me as the big things.

A few weeks ago W started saying things like, “Yes, siree!” and “Ok, little Mama!” and I don’t want to forget that. His behavior has just been amazing in the last few weeks – just seriously amazing. We are a few weeks from his early intervention evaluation and I am excited and hopeful. I can not wait to unlock some language and fine motor skills for him.

As for me, remember a few weeks ago how I talked about how I wasn’t feeling so great? I got seriously proactive and made a lot of really good choices. I have been good about keeping up those choices. Only a few relapses with a soda here and there. I felt moderately better, but not really. When it was time for me to have my routine thyroid labs done I also scheduled a doctor’s appointment to talk about how crappy I was feeling.

I ended up having an almost two hour appointment going over all kinds of things. It was a wake up call. Seriously. The bottom line is that I need to get proactive about my health and I need to make it a priority. That is why I have been quiet here this week – because I haven’t learned how to juggle the small pocket of time that I give myself for writing here with the now mandatory time that I must work out. Plus, oh my goodness allergies!!! They are really bad for me right now. oof!

But I am pushing through it all. I am fighting. I am going to have a four year old tomorrow. And I need to be healthy for both of us.

I joined a gym on tuesday night. Yes – within hours of seeing the doctor I was at the gym working out. I have now been three times. I have Cecily as a gym buddy and I have Mom and my friends cheering me on.

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