The Muppet Peeps (and talking about eggs , bunnies, and Easter with kids)On the way to Spring Break camp this morning W announced, “You gotta get eggs for the bunnies, Mama?”

Me: What do you mean?
W: The bunny comes on EEEEASTER and he has to have eggs to put things in.
Me: Where did you hear this?
W: It’s just something I know, Mama. Everybody knows it.
Me: So do I get the eggs or does the bunny bring the eggs??
W: You pick, Mama. You can help the bunny out. You can get those eggs from CVS and mail them and he will put things in them and BRING THEM TO ME!
Me: Is that so?
W: You just do it, Mama.

This was the prologue to our conversation about Easter. Except I kind of eff’d up the religious aspect of it.

After W essentially schooled me on the egg deal I took a breath (just because I knew I was about to be parenting on the fly here) and asked, “so do you know WHY we are expecting bunnies and eggs this weekend?”

W indicated that he did not and before he could jump in with more specific holiday requests I told him that eggs were symbolic. I explained what symbolism was in a very “use what is in front of you” way.

Me: You see that red light? And how about that stop sign over there? They are using the color red to symbolize STOP. And now our light is green so green symbolizes…?
W: It means GO!

I told him that eggs symbolize the beginning, reminding him that he started as an egg. I told him that eggs remind us that Spring is here, that new flowers are coming and green will be everywhere. I said (seriously making stuff up at this point) that a lot of bunnies are born in the Spring and they want us to celebrate the new season because it is the beginning. Since the bunnies are SO HAPPY and excited they bring us treats. And since eggs symbolize Spring, they bring us eggs.

For whatever reason this information was just fine with W. But I need to up my knowledge on this stuff.

How do you explain bunnies, eggs, and Easter to your kid?

(by the way, the image in this post is from a SERIOUSLY funny roundup of “Peeps on Television” on Mental Floss.)

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