Lots of planning for a 4th birthday happening!This week I have been on a mission to figure out how to make a cake with the letter W inside.

I got some good suggestions and WOW did I find some amazing Pinterest boards. My 4th birthday planning board is where I am trying to manage all of the things that I WISH I could do but probably won’t. I still get points for planning, right?

So far W’s birthday looks like this:
• He will get a (pink, per his request) cake with a W inside (per my fantasy).
• He is getting a garbage truck/ dump truck set from the birthday fairy
• He is getting a monogrammed towel from his Lolly
• He is getting a recycle garbage truck from me
• He is getting a train trip to NYC from Lolly and me

We aren’t doing a party because a) he hasn’t asked for one and b) another kid in his class is having a party on his birthday*

As far as what we will DO in NYC? No plans. I am very good with that. I am hoping the weather is great and we can simply spend the day running around Central Park.

(and if you have any cake suggestions…)

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I am really enjoying writing over at Babble. So many of the things I write about are about people who I admire. These are my favorite posts from this week:

Celebrities that raise awareness for health conditions
This was important for me to write about as I think when a celebrity comes forward with a health issue they are doing us all a favor.

Songs I love to Sing to W by John Lennon
This week would have been John’s 44th wedding anniversary to Yoko. I thought it would be nice to give a tribute to that with spotlighting some songs that we love over here.

Dax Shepard and his blog about his dying father
I sobbed reading his post. It is so beautifully written. As someone who once knew that complicated duality of watching a life fade as another life bloomed it really hit home. You seriously must read it.

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I still haven’t joined a gym. I fell off the soda wagon twice. (I am actually proud of myself for that.)

But I still feel not great. And I REALLY want to feel GREAT.

This means I will be scheduling an appointment to get some labs done. It’s time for a thyroid check.
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We finally heard back from the early intervention office and W has an appointment to be evaluated by a specialist next month. I continue to be relieved that this ball is rolling.

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What the heck am I going to do for Spring BreaK? It happens to be next week. I am doomed.

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