What Dresden has been up to elsewhere...Recently I did an an interview with Care.com about single parenting. They had lots of questions about dating and being single and that just, well, ha ha…not so much of a dating expert now am I?

That being said, I enjoyed the interview and it was nice to share my feeeeeelings.

Here is an except:

What advice can you pass on to single parents who are struggling, either with balance or with the prospect of dating?

Oh, I am zero help on dating.

Finding balance as a single mom isn’t like reaching inbox zero or crossing everything off your to-do list. It’s realizing that you are showered, wearing clean clothes, and so is your child. It is making the choice to turn off the computer for the weekend, to turn off your cell phone at every meal. To say yes as often as possible. As the single parent, you are it. There is no bad cop/good cop routine to fall into. Pick your battles – you are the voice of the rules, the voice of the family legacy, the voice of time outs, the voice of bedtime stories. It’s all you. You can do it. (But if there is ever a day where you can’t – FAKE IT and call for backup!)

You can read the rest of the interview on the Care.com site.

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I found out this week that one of the interviews I did for Kids in the House was live. I really can not wait to tell you more about KITH – it’s going to be an amazing parenting resource for so many of us. I was just one of MANY “experts” interviewed. You can check out Kids in the House on facebook – the site doesn’t officially launch until early April.

The interview that was released this week is one where I talk about WIC and SNAP (food stamps). The idea is to be “the person that has been there” so that someone just encountering the world of food insecurity realizes a) they are not alone and b) there is help.

I have to be honest, it is really hard for me to look at the interviews I did because I can see the pregnancy. I remember filming and feeling SO happy and excited and HOPEFUL. Just two days after I taped the interviews in California I found out that there was no longer a heartbeat.

However I am so proud to be a part of this amazing site, honored really, to be a voice for so many of the unique journeys I have been on: infertility, single motherhood, donor sperm, finding myself in a position of needing help. I talk about you guys often in the interviews. I can’t wait for you to see them!

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If you are looking for some entertainment this weekend check out what I have been up to at Babble. This post about celebrity Girl Scouts was fun to write.

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Yesterday I thought I was OH SO BRILLIANT by taking W to Toys R Us so that he could make a list of the things he would like the birthday fairy to bring him. He did great at the store, we took photos of items he is most enthusiastic (all garbage trucks), and we stopped at WaWa on the way home to celebrate a week of good behavior with chocolate banana smoothies.

This morning he woke up at one am (OMG) exclaiming, “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!” It was a bit of a train wreck – all possible options for explaining time, and waiting was over his head. He had decided it was his effing birthday so how DARE it not be so.

I am so annoyed at myself for thinking he would not get a mixed message. This would have been a great day to run around a playground but it is weird snow/ rain/ murky weather so we are all cooped up.

The only good thing about W being all excited to talk birthday is that I have been able to tell him His Story and you guys know how much I love telling W how very much he was wanted and hoped for. I am so lucky.

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