Every week W’s school hosts show and tell on thursdays and fridays. Since W attends preschool daily he gets to participate twice a week. Show and tell has become one of his most favorite things. Usually the prompt for the show is alphabet themed. Last week the letter of the week was P and this week, naturally, the letter of the week is Q.

Last week W delighted in running around the house looking for “p things”. He would discover some toy or doo dad and hoist it up into the air and proclaim, “BLOCK! B – B – B- BLOCK! BLOCK STARTS WITH P!” I would sound out the letter b until he realized it was NOT p and then he would move on to the next item, “PAPER BAG! MAMA!! It’s a PEEEEEEE!!!!!”

I seriously love watching the doors of his mind open and open and open.

Before I was ever pregnant with W I remember lamenting on the blog that I may never get to know what motherhood is. Someone, in what I am sure was an attempt to soothe, commented that I was getting to know motherhood by being Millie’s caregiver.

Sure the overlaps for an infant’s needs and a person with Alzheimer’s needs can be noticeable. But the greatest joy of parenthood is the blooming. With Millie the bloom was fading daily. With W the bloom not only grows but new buds form and bloom. Daily.

I have heard that kids W’s age are like a sponge soaking up the world around them. That doesn’t feel right to me. A sponge absorbs, but then you just wring it out and start over. The garden visual is a lot more pleasing.

Yesterday I was certain that, because the letter of the week was Q, kids were to bring in objects beginning with the letter Q for show and tell. Q is an HARD word! We finally settled on a quarter (after a couple hilarious moments of W saying things like, “LUNCHBOX! LL L L L L L L ! LUNCHBOX STARTS WITH Q!”)

We got to school and I saw that I was wrong, while the letter of the week is Q the WORD for show and tell is pink. Oh boy did W give me the side eye over that. His most favorite color for show and tell and all he had was a lame quarter in a white paper bag?

This morning W spent twenty minutes trying to find a PERFECT PINK THING. Finally he selected one of his favorite toys. I looked at him grinning in the back of the car this morning and laughed. His love of pink married with his love of all things vehicle.
Pink Monster Truck

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