Pet Food StampsWhen my family was on food stamps we were lucky. We were able to use that benefit to put food in our pantry and feed ourselves. However food stamps are, quite obviously, just for food. So all of the other items that a family might stock up on at the grocery store are not covered. If it wasn’t for ads on this site I wouldn’t have been able to buy diapers or pain medicine for W’s teething.

Many sacrifices were made, because, well, that is just what you do. When the summer months came we stopped buying shampoo so that we could afford sunscreen. We also always budgeted for our pets to have food. I would rather have skipped a week of meals if that meant our animals could be taken care of.

So many families end up having to make hard choices when it comes to taking care of their pets in hard times. Some will end up bringing their pets to an animal shelter. Some will forgo their own needs in order to feed their pets. I can not imagine enduring our darkest time without our pets. I just can’t.

I was thrilled to learn about a new program has started aptly called Pet Food Stamps. This is NOT a government program. It exists because of grants and donations.

If you are receiving Food Stamps or are around or below the poverty level and live in the United States you may apply. Because of the interest and need of this program it may take a few weeks to process the application so begin NOW.

You can also donate TO Pet Food Stamps. The best way to make a donation is directly through the Pet Food Stamp website.

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