Welcome to Oscar Night: 2013HURRAH! It is here! The 85th Academy Awards!

(By the way – there should be a live stream of the red carpet and the big show over on Hollywood Life. Heads up – there is an autoplay video on the site, so adjust volume before clicking over.)

Confessions of an Award Show Enthusiast

• I woke up W early from his nap so that he would be (hopefully) more eager to go to bed at a reasonable hour
(I also woke him early because I wanted to surprise him with a quick visit from one of his good friends.)

• I have not seen every nominee in every category but I have extensively scoured You Tube for clips.

• I put “OSCARS” in the family calendar and have alerts set to make sure I don’t miss a moment of the red carpet

• I “hired” my Mom to put W to bed tonight.
(am paying her with yummy supper)

• I have popcorn ready. Like now.

• I will be making a supper that was one of my favorite things to make when I lived in LA
(toasted Tuscan Pane bread from Trader Joe’s with melted brie and apples)

• Also about to make: COFFEE

• Also (part 2) (that sadly has nothing to do with the show)
Jury duty tomorrow. I have it.

See you on twitter during the red carpet and beyond…

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