Early Intervention: the beginning of the processI hear that often. W will get excited and words will tumble out of his mouth. While it is clear that he is saying something, what he is saying can sometimes be a mystery. Getting him to calm down a bit and then repeat what he is saying helps. But not always.

A few weeks ago I sat down with one of W’s teachers to go over a routine progress report that all students in his school have. It was pretty cool to see all of the things that W has learned. However, one of the glaring problems was language. In addition to lack of clarity there is a side effect of not being understood by others and being asked to repeat words. It is frustrating. And a frustrated three year old who is the size of a five year old is not so great.

W’s teacher brought up that she believed W would benefit from speech therapy. I was relieved. Seriously.

I mentioned that I had W’s dentist check out his (no longer) attached upper frenulum. Since it is no longer attached it should not be a problem for his speech. HOWEVER, while it was attached it could very well have contributed to how W learned to form words. This is not to say that I am looking for a reason for any issues, but possibly a starting point in the area to work on.

At W’s teacher’s suggestion, I called the local early intervention specialists and started the process to get him evaluated. Earlier this week the thick stack of paperwork arrived. There is a ton of paperwork for me to complete as well as lots of stuff for W’s school and teacher’s to complete. I am (once again!) so very thankful that W is in such an amazing preschool program. We are lucky.

This is all the beginning of this process.

I wasn’t sure if I would write about this, but then I realized that if I was a parent about to embark on this journey it would be helpful to know what was ahead. (and obviously at this point I have no idea!)

As a side note:

The post I recently wrote about Princess Culture is a lead story in the parenting section of Huffington Post right now. I am honored to have had the piece shared on other sites online.

I know very well how cruel some of the comments on some of the larger online magazine sites can be. I still cringe thinking about the comments made on a post that my Mom was featured in during her job search. Heck, it was THE reason I let go of my alias so that I could address some of the comments made. I honestly don’t know if the comments on my post are all mean. Soon after it was published I checked out what people were saying but once I saw something obnoxious I closed my web browser.

Now let’s talk early intervention. What can I expect the evaluation process to be like?

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