10 Changes towards Better HealthI made some changes since I wrote about how crummy I was feeling. Usually when I get to the place where I am writing about a problem I am ready to leap into a solution. Your comments on that post were tremendously helpful and motivating. Thank you.

My physical and mental health were both dreary – obviously they are connected. When I feel better in my body I feel better in my spirit. I can report to you that I feel better than I did almost two weeks ago. I will also say that starting to feel better has made me realize that I still don’t feel great.

10 Changes I made to feel better:

• Took my thyroid pills every day.
I can not believe I allowed it to happen, but somehow I had started missing some of my morning medication. One small derail of my routine and I was off. I thought I had missed one or two mornings of my thyroid medication, but after doing some math and counting my pills I realized that I had missed much more than a one or two mornings.

• Took Vitamin D every day.
Usually once a year I end up being deficient in vitamin D. (I learn this from my routine thyroid blood work.) I started taking vitamin D every morning.

• Took a probiotic daily.
I wasn’t really plugged in to all of the benefits of routine probiotic supplementation. It wasn’t until W got that awful gut bug and I researched ways to help him. Giving him regular probiotics was something helpful to his digestion so now we both take supplements every morning. (he takes the kid version)

• Ate better in the morning.
Breakfast was not something I spent much time on for myself. Usually it consisted of a cup of coffee and not much else. W is a HUGE fan of cereal so I decided I could easily take a moment and have some cereal in the morning. I started eating a cereal that was high in fiber and protein.

• Became regular.
Yup. A benefit of taking a probiotic and eating better: it made me very regular. It wasn’t until I became regular that I realized how NOT regular I was before. This is usually something that I attribute to my thyroid disease – but I am glad to have made this change.

• Stopped drinking carbonated beverages.
OMG! This was hard. Which then freaked me out because I didn’t think I was drinking that many. When I became aware of all the times I was opting NOT to drink a soda it hit me, I was drinking a lot.

• Drank more water
Sad fact, it was not uncommon for me to get to the end of the day and realize that I had not consumed ANY water. None. I somehow was existing on 2 cups of coffee and an ocasional soda and no other liquids. Gee, I wonder why I was having headaches and my skin was so dry. *smacks head* I now drink two glasses of water with my morning coffee and then drink about two more throughout the rest of the day. I know I need to continue to work on this.

• Invested time in better oral hygiene.
Ok, yeah, another embarrassing confession: I was a horrible brusher of teeth. I brushed my teeth every morning but many times I collapsed into bed without brushing at night. I KNOW. When I took W to the dentist and saw what a great experience he had I realized that I had become more invested in W’s teeth than my own. I made sure he brushed his teeth twice a day (we are now slowly adding in a third brushing per the suggesting of his dentist). But me? Slacked. I started brushing my teeth and flossing morning AND night. Yesterday I invested in an electric toothbrush for myself and WOW is that fun! Next step: dentist appointment for me.

• I have left the house more.
Being a work at home person has MANY advantages. However it was all too easy for me to shrink into the doldrums at home during the day. I usually work at table at a coffee shop on mondays but I have added an extra day working out of the house – just to shake things up. This has motivated me to….

• I have tried to spend more time on appearance.
I often hide behind my beautiful and adorable son. He is the better dressed and if eyes are on him then no one will notice how little energy I have spent in my own appearance. I recently realized (remembered) that I like to wear dresses and I like to wear dresses over pants. And while it may not be the MOST flattering choice it is 100% more confidence boosting. I walk better, feel better, live better when I do not mind if people see me. (yes. I often try to become invisible. Which, HA HA HA HA, invisible 6 foot lady!)

Next step is to make the time to return to the gym.

They say it can take 21 days to make a habit. I only have 13 under my belt. Writing about it helps keep me motivated. It also keeps me accountable. It is seriously NICE to not feel bloated, gassy, oafish right now.

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