If I were president these are the laws I would pass.
My friend Jessica at Look Who Found the Marbles is hosting a blog prompt for today: What Laws Would You Pass If You Were President?

I think this list is probably more of a, “if I could make this stuff happen I totally WOULD” situation. I have watched enough West Wing and House of Cards* to know that making laws is exhausting and complicated and often doesn’t happen the way you originally planned. In my fantasy I don’t want to imagine being locked in a conference room with staffers trying to figure out what things to cut from my bills so that they will pass committees. I just want these things to HAPPEN.

My Law Wish List

• If you cook with cilantro you must wear a badge to let people know

• If you don’t use your turn signal you lose your license

• If you don’t turn on your headlights in bad weather you lose your license

• If you smoke in your car with the windows rolled down on nice days (also knows as days when I have my windows down you must not drive downwind

• If you put the remote control on the other side of the sofa you must make dinner

• If you are sick and go to work you must give all of your vacation days to those working around you

• All emoticons are banned from emails

• It is forbidden to ask a person if he/she has children or has plans for any more children

• It is forbidden to spit in public

• If you spit outside of your car you will be required to clean the spit up

• It is forbidden to loud talk in a movie theatre

• If you are taller than five feet ten inches you automatically get a seat to accommodate your height

• If you wake up at 5am you are forbidden from waking up anyone else in the house

• Car buggies (those kid shopping carts with the plastic car in the front) OUTLAWED
• Junk mail: OUTLAWED

• People who require a phone call over an email will be retrained

• Saturday = plaidurday

{LJ told me about House of Cards and It is seriously good. If you like political thrillers check it out on Netflix.}

What about you? If you could pass a law today what would it be?


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