dresden pinterestPinterest is something that I equate to flipping through a magazine and dog earring the corner of a page that you want to come back to. Like a magazine, I do not often find or make time to peruse Pinterest that often.

Near a holiday I always have this rush of motivation to DO SOMETHING and looking up boards and pins is fun.

For the last week or so I have been looking at Valentine’s day cards and making notes of which ones W and I could create for his classmates this week. Last year we had a lot of fun making super hero lollypop cards.

But here we are…tuesday. Valentine’s day is thursday. I have an overflowing work inbox, a million projects I want to do at home, and it would be lovely to read a book. There is simply no time to make anything.

I recently asked some friends of mine who are even more Pinterest involved than I am if any of them were actually making their cards this year. Only 2 out of 20 were getting their crafty on.

So who are the people making cards this year? Is Pinterest just a “someday” kind of lifestyle? Someday I will have plaid wallpaper, and someday I will learn how to braid my hair properly, and someday I will live in a beach house…

{My favorite board I pin to is called Captain Adorable’s Adorables.}

W has his very first dentist appointment later this morning and I am planning on making a stop at the drug store afterwards and letting him pick out his cards. And I will feel zero guilt.

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