what thyroid disease looks likeI have reached a point that lives on the other side of body acceptance. I see my shape for what it is. I am sad that it is not the shape it once was, but here I am. I still don’t recognize myself in the mirror or in photos. Somewhere underneath this new shape is me.

Where I am is recognizing that, for whatever reason, I am large. My largeness has always been. There is a sliding scale of “my size” and I am at the very end of it.

What I don’t want to accept any more is that I feel like shit.

I am tired of being tired.

Traditional ways of dropping weight have not worked for me. It has made me realize that there is probably something more going on. I started to research specific issues for people dealing with Hashimoto’s. (For those that do not know I was diagnosed with this thyroid disease when I was 6 months post partum after W, so just over 3 years ago.) Then I started to look at plans of action that were specifically created to help people dealing with auto immune diseases.

I kept coming back to these studies that discuss how certain foods can trigger greater symptoms. Essentially the notion is that our body digests what we eat and some foods are harder to digest for some people. If you figure out what the trigger foods are you could reduce the symptoms.

I want to feel better.

Over the last few weeks I was seriously looking at trying out The Plan by Lyn-Genet. I started looking for the supplements and making grocery store lists and once I realized that I would need to save up to begin it my interest and enthusiasm faded.

This is a shame because I really got swept away in many of the concepts discussed in the book. It made sense to me – at least the WHY my body might be this way. As far as how to fix things I am unclear.

Now I am looking at the Elimination Diet from Whole Life Nutrition.

{and of course the foods discussed in Whole Life are listed on foods to avoid in The Plan.}

Basically I want to test if I feel crummy because of the food that I eat.

Of course I keep hoping for some magic recipe that will get me back on the path of feeling better, but is there such a thing?

The recent photo of me in this post was taken from a cell phone this weekend. I can still manage to take a selfie and see what I think of as “me” in the photo – but when my photo is taken by anyone else I guess the “real me” is there.

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