end hunger (I'm going to tell you how!)1,850,140. That is how many people are currently struggling with hunger in my state.

Where do you live? Do you know how many of your neighbors are hungry? It’s THOUSANDS. And it is overwhelming. You want to help. You want to be in involved. But how?

Feeding America has started a month-long campaign. Every week I will be talking to you about hunger. I am going to get you involved. I am going to make it easy. You are going to FEEL GOOD about this.

Your new superpower is ending hunger.

This week I want you to find out how many people in your state are fight hunger right now. You can go to this amazing page created by Feeding America and select your state from the drop down menu.

Plug in your zip code and email address (knowledge is power, people) and then find out what local organizations are waiting for you to help them.

Your mission this week is to TALK ABOUT THIS. Spread the word on your social networks. Tell your school. Talk to your neighbors.

Sample conversations:
“Hey! Want to be awesome with me? Let’s end hunger together! #TogetherWeCan”

“Hey! I just found out that our local food bank is _______. Want to go help them _____ with me? #TogetherWeCan”

“Have you heard about the Feeding America #TogetherWeCan Solve Hunger campaign? Take the pledge to help the 1 in 6 Americans facing #hunger. Share with your friends, family and network today! http://po.st/u29bdX

You know how you find out that someone is hungry and you immediately jump up to fix them a plate? LET’S FIND OUT HOW YOU CAN DO THAT!

Because I am curious – and because I want to be connected with all of you that are willing to jump into this mission with me – drop me a line and let me know the number of people who are hungry in your state.

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