A review of the newest Peppa Pig app featuring splashing in muddy puddles and 5 other games for preschoolersAt the age of three W has very specific preferences when it comes to what he deems to be a fun game. He has several folders on his Lolly’s iPad, organized by genre and mood. He swipes through the pages with a speed that would shock you. When he knows what game he wants he is able to find it instantly.

His newest favorite game features one of his most beloved tv characters: Peppa the Pig.

For those of you unfamiliar with Peppa you are missing out! She has a show on Nick Jr and is easily tolerable to those above the age of thirty (which is VERY important in our home).

Peppa is a pig and she lives with her Mummy and her Daddy and her brother George. W loves that she has a Granny (and a Grandpa) but MOSTLY he loves that Peppa makes fantastic pig sounds.

The Peppa the Pig app, called “Happy Mrs. Chicken”, features several different games for preschool aged children. His favorite games within the app are Seed and Maze (you help a chick out of a maze by correctly placing seeds in a path) and Muddy Puddles (you splash in muddy puddles!).

Making oink sounds with the Peppa the Pig app

Making Peppa the Pig splash in muddy puddles in new app

The app is available now for download in the itunes store and is currently $2.99.

Disclosure: We were given a coupon to download the app for free so that we could try out the app.

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