Lynda Barry ClassThere are a couple of heavy hitting things I want to write about but I am so bone tired that I am waiting for a more caffeinated day. (don’t worry – none of those heavy subjects are directly related to me — just STUFF I want to talk about.)

oooof. What a beginning, right?

Things I learned on the internet this week

1. Twitter has a new thing. It’s called Vine. I have downloaded the app to my phone. And that is all I have done.

2. Best headline of the week is from the Weather Channel Blog: Sperm Whales Adopt Disabled Dolphin

3. Everyone is sick. EVERYONE. And if you haven’t been sick you soon will be. There’s a new norovirus in town.

{side note: my friend Robin just bragged to me that she “does not get sick” because of her blood type. I did not believe this could be possible. So I went on the interwebs and turns out she is right!}

{side note #2: I have the blood type that will always get sick.}

4. Want to have some “I wish I could be there” emotions? Check out this class that is being taught by Lynda Barry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison: “The Unthinkable Mind” I keep reading the links within that post and smiling. (hint: It gives you permission to take a mental break and color.)

5. I read online that JJ Abrams is going to direct a new Star Wars. This reminds me that some day I need to tell the story about the first time I played scrabble. (hint: I played it with JJ.Yup.)

Speaking of Star Wars…check out this alphabet print.

what did you learn on the internet this week?

Photo is an image of the handout from Lynda Barry’s class

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