science experiment for toddlersDriving to and from school each day ends up being about a combined total of one hour in the car. This is nothing compared to many commutes people have to make. Lolly’s commute takes an hour both ways and involves lots of walking and adventures with public transit.

While W and I are driving to and fro we talk about vehicles, construction, we sing Yellow Submarine and we make observations. Making observations is now a big thing for W. Whenever he spots an interesting vehicle (like a pink street cleaner!) I will exclaim, “good eyes!” or “nice observation!”

He has started incorporating the word observation into his every day vocabulary.

“I am making an observation that there is a lot of traffic.”

“I see a bulldozer! I’m observing it!”

Wednesday was W’s first day back to school after several days of being sick. Riding to school yesterday morning W was very busy checking to see what was different.

“Look! That dumpster is now full!”

“Look! Do you observe the construction?”

His biggest observation was that there was a lot of ice. So much ice. And how did it get there? This evolved into a really fun conversation about how water turns into ice. I asked him if he wanted to do an experiment and he was game. When we got home from school yesterday W picked out a cup to pour water into. He then placed it on the front steps of our home and I filmed him making a prediction about what will happen to the water.

W went down for a nap and when he woke up he wanted to check on his ice. He was so sad to see that the water had not turned into ice.

We checked the water every few hours, the final check just before bed time. He was utterly dejected that the water was still liquid.

“It’s not ever going to work.”

I explained that some things just take time. I also explained that some times when we think something is going to happen that it doesn’t always happen when we want it to, if ever. I said, “let’s leave the water outside ALL night and then see what it looks like in the morning.”

You can imagine how thrilled he was to check on his experiment this morning. “It’s ice! We did it!!”

I am now on a quest to find other fun experiments to do with W. I started (a very empty!) board on pinterest and if you have any suggestions for us I would love to add them!

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