What is your typical day
I thought it was interesting to read Cecily’s typical day post. It made me realize that even though many of us may have overlaps when it comes to the what and how, when it comes right down to it we all have very different “typical” days.

I decided to schedule out what my typical day looks like. In writing it all down I realize that it is pretty scattered. Such is life.

My Typical Day: Weekday edition

• 5:30 –> W wakes up and depending on how his sleep was he either:
a) waddles into the bathroom by himself and then goes into Lolly’s room to help her get ready
b) stomps into the bathroom by himself and then demands that someone come help him
c) groans from his bed
d) yells from his bed, “I AM AWAKE!”

• 6:15 –> W climbs into bed with me and we either:
a) turn on Disney Jr and watch some shows
b) talk about why he is cranky
c) talk about what we are going to do after school
{I scan my email and any text messages on my phone at this point.}

• 6:50 –> I help W get dressed.

• 7:00 –> W and I head downstairs (and Lolly runs out the door to catch the bus!)

• 7:05 –> I make W a breakfast of either:
a) cereal
b) frozen waffle
c) oatmeal

• 7:08 –> While W eats his breakfast I make his lunch which is usually a combination of:
a) juice box
b) carrots
c) cereal bar
d) sliced turkey
e) cheese stick
f) yogurt
g) raisins

• 7:15 –> I press brew on my coffee maker and sit down with W to go over sticker chart
a) I give him stickers for achievements from the evening before and the early morning (things like brushing teeth and putting away clothes)
b) I talk about the different ways he can earn more stickers for the day (things like good behavior at school and helping after school)

• 7:25 –> W takes his sippy of milk to the sofa and watches something Disney-ish

• 7:26 –> I run upstairs and get dressed, ready

• 7:40 –> I check my email on my laptop. I take 20 minutes to respond or unsubscribe from junk.

• 8:02 –> W and I get our shoes and coats on and get into the car.

• 8:07 –> W and I drive to school and along the way we:
a) sing Yellow Submarine, Garbage Truck, Ice Ice Baby, Can’t Touch This, etc
b) Talk about the status of various construction sites that we see along the way
c) Call out every single garbage truck, city bus, school bus, dump truck, vehicle that is NOT a car
d) Play red light magic

• 8:32 –> I bring W into his preschool, check him in, bring him to his classroom, help him put his coat in cubby and his lunch in the fridge.

• 8:40 –> In the school parking lot I check my email on my phone and put the radio on NPR.

• 8:42 –> I drive home (if it is tuesday – friday). If it is a Monday I drive to a coffee shop near W’s school.

• 9:15 –> I brew more coffee and set up my laptop. Work begins.

• 1:00 –> I realize that I REALLY need to pee. I do.

• 1:01 –> Back to work.

• 2:16 –> I realize that I am HUNGRY! I scramble to find something to quickly eat.

• 2:20 –> My alarm goes off to leave to pick up W from school so I quickly wrap up work.

• 2:35 –> Off to school I go! NPR listening on the drive.

• 2:55 –> I arrive at W’s school and we either:
a) go to the playground
b) go to grocery store
c) go to target

• 4:00 –> Back home. I fix W a snack and we either:
a) color
b) play blocks
c) play cars

• 4:55 –> W watches a movie

• 4:56 –> I log back into work.

• 5:15 –> I get a message from Mom that she is on her way home.

• 5:30 –> W grows bored with movie and we stop to make his supper.

• 5:40 – 6:15 –> W eats supper and we go over stickers for the day

• 6:20 –> Lolly arrives home and W sings with glee!

• 6:30 –> Lolly gives W a bath and gets him ready for bed

• 6:31 –> I log back into work.

• 7:00 –> I go up and read W stories and tuck him in.

• 7:20 –> I begin the, “what do you want for supper? I don’t know, what do YOU want?” dance with Lolly

• 8:00 –> something resembling supper happens

• 8:20 –> Watch TV with Lolly and either check email from my phone or have laptop on my lap working

• 10:00 –> Realize I am falling asleep so take myself to bed. TRY to stay up for The Daily Show.

What does your typical day look like?

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