how to create a bundle of blogs to share with othersI have been really thrilled by how many bloggers have decided to stand up and proclaim, “YES! In 2013 I will make an effort to blog more, read more blogs, and stretch beyond my own corner of the blogosphere to meet new kinds of writers.” It is incredibly easy to do this.

The first step is to add your blog URL to the connected blogger list.

The next step, and this is so simple that I am giddy, is to subscribe to every blog on the list. I am doing the “hard” work by adding each new URL to a folder within my feed reader. All you have to do is subscribe to the folder.

Now before you go all, WAIT A MINUTE, WAIT A MINUTE is this all a ploy to have people subscribe to Dresden? No. It isn’t. When you click subscribe what you are doing is subscribing to a bundle I created. One click and this entire list of blogs is added to your feed reader! And it isn’t just a big woosh of blogs it is an organized FOLDER.

Subscribe to the RSS of all feeds in the connected blogger list

(Get ready for your feed reader to get large! You can easily dismiss posts older than a week to make the new folder of blogs more manageable.)
the subscribe

Sweet, right?

So the time may come when you want to create your own folder of blogs for people to subscribe to.

How to create a bundle of a folder of RSS feeds

(click each image to see more detail)

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