the year that was
As is customary for every memoir blogger, I have revisited my entire year in posts. I crawled through my archives and flinched. So much of 2012 was about trying to become and stay pregnant. It was nice to remember all of the other stuff that went on.

I traveled a lot more than I have in years. I solidified friendships that have been literal life savers. I have loved getting to know this amazing son of mine. I have leaned on and been propped up by my wonderful Mom. I have worked with and for some of the most understanding and creative people in the world. While SO much of 2012 was messy and complicated I can also accept it for the life lessons it taught me.

This post was probably more for me than anyone else, but know this: I would have crumbled a million times in 2012 if I didn’t have this blog to pour my heart and soul into.

I look forward to 2013. Odd years are my best.

By the way, right this very moment my Mom is teaching W how to “shake, shake, shake your booty” – my life is good.

January, 2012

• I called the clinic to get the ball rolling on an FET cycle
• 1st guest post for ‘In Times Like These’ series
• 1st post for Hallmark
• Welfare Queen post

February, 2012

• Traveled to Utah for a genealogy conference (work related)
• Cleared to cycle by the clinic
• I go to DC to speak at National Anti-Hunger Policy conference
• I become an advocate for Feeding America

March, 2012

• I travel to NYC for the Women in the World conference
• Begin FET cycle at clinic
• FET cycle cancelled because of lining issues

April, 2012

• W turned THREE!
• Begin FET cycle
• Women in Tech Conference in Philly

May, 2012

• Embryo transfer
• not pregnant
• oh. fuck. ectopic.
• Took W to see Wall-E

June, 2012

• ZOMG! I got picked to read Welfare Queen in the BlogHer conference keynote!
• Traveled to California for genealogy conference (work related)
• End up in ER in Burbank (ectopic fun continues!)
• Traveled to North Carolina for Type-A Mom conference

July, 2012

• Digital Family Summit in Philly
• I panic about what to wear to BlogHer
• Create summer bucket list to do with W
• One of my best friends broke up with me
• Toddler Whisperer guest posts

August, 2013

• Traveled to New York for BlogHer conference
• WTF call with RE at clinic re: ectopic
• Philly Geek Awards happen
• Family reunion

September, 2012

• Hunger Action Month
• Decide to cycle again at clinic
• W was especially adorable

October, 2012

• Embryo transfer
• Travel to Georgia for Aiming Low Non Conference
• Find out at conference that I am PREGNANT!!
• Still pregnant!
• W is a pirate for Halloween

November, 2012

• Obama is reelected (and his campaign publishes a post I wrote!)
• Simple Thanksgiving

December, 2012

• no heartbeat
• a bunch of end of pregnancy bullshit
• Worked on a great campaign with the World Food Program
• W was in a pageant at church
• The world did not end
• Wonderful holiday break (minus the bit about everyone being sick)

p.s. I made the groovy instagram collage on printsgram.

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