urbansitter-gifting-1-2I can count on two hands the number of times that I have hired a baby sitter for W. I do not have enough body parts to count the number of times my Mom has watched W so that I may work/ go do something/ travel/ be depressed. When it comes to tipping I pay my Mom in (sometimes) homemade meals and my never-ending gratitude. But I can be a bit of a “um…is this OK?!!!” person when it comes to showing my appreciation to the other people who have taken care of W.

Urban Sitter is a new way to find a babysitter. It is also a great way to help sitters who you already trust by endorsing them. I always (ALWAYS) ask friends for references or suggestions for sitters and this is a swank way to connect all of that information and have a mutual helping hands moment.

{Once I try out how this works for my family I will walk you through it!}

In the meantime you can stop wondering what to tip/ gift your Nanny or babysitter and get back to trying to figure out just HOW you are going to assemble and HIDE a trampoline without a certain three-year-old’s discovering it before next week.

Or is that just happening in my house?

I was not paid to share this information. I just think it is groovy.

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