One of the scariest things about hunger is that so often it is invisible. When you are bleeding, when you are limping, when you are crying, people can see. People can be moved and inspired to help. When you are hungry there is usually no outward sign.

If you have ever known hunger and food insecurity then you know that there is sometimes shame associated with it. To get help you must ask for it. Asking for help is incredibly difficult.

Sometimes there are moments that cross our path that make it so simple to help. Quiet moments.

When I was an actor in New York, oh so many years ago, when we heard about someone within our theatre community in need we would pass a hat around. It would happen before or during a break in rehearsal. Someone would simply say, “the ____ family is hurting right now. Do what you can.” And then a hat would be placed next to the coffee.

People tossed in dollar bills, spare change, even coupons for groceries or meals. It was whatever we had, whatever we hoped would help.

At the end of the rehearsal many small gestures became one big gesture of hope.

The World Food Program is about hope. It is about the small gestures that bloom into life changing moments. Their program reaches 20 million school children in 75 countries each year.

According to the WFP:

“The red cup is a simple image with a strong meaning. WFP uses these red cups to feed a child a healthy, nutritious school meal. A meal that not only nourishes their growing bodies, but gives them the fuel they need to excel in school and realize their full potential. Just 25 cents fills a red cup with porridge, rice or beans and gives girls a monthly ration to take home. When you fill a cup, you feed a child’s dream.”

wfp USA

I have a red cup and as I count down the end of this year I will be putting all my change into it. As every quarter clinks into the cup I will be filled up in my soul with the knowledge that soon this money will be filling the belly of a child in need. My goal is to fill the cup.

Passing the cup

As part of this campaign I am going to let this cup pass from me to some of the most passionate bloggers I know. You can also consider this post my passing the cup to you. If you want to be a part of this movement jump in!

Find out exactly what WFP USA is doing to help end hunger in the world.
Here are some sample tweets to think about that will help get this message out to those that follow you online.

If you decide to write a post or share this message within your social networks please let me know so that I may thank you. You can pass the cup to someone in a tweet, on Facebook, in a blog post – please help me share information about this amazing group.

Disclosure: I am working with WFP USA and The Mission List to help spread the word about this fantastic cause. All thoughts are my own.

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