You guys know that I love photoshop. It is something that I worked really hard to teach myself and I depend on it for many projects. But lately, if someone asks me about photo editing, the first thing that comes out of my mouth is, “Oh tell me that you have tried PicMonkey!”

One of the things that I love about PicMonkey are the themes. They are so fun and easy to play with – seriously it is play. The first time I tried out their themes was this past Halloween. I was amazed at how intuitive and simple the effects were to use – and even more thrilled at the results.

When I found out that PicMonkey had a theme up for the Winter season I instantly knew I was going to use it for my family’s holiday card. This has been a very rough and tumble year for us. The idea of getting my act in gear to create an actual, tangible, put in an envelope and write addresses and UGH! STAMPS… exhausting, overwhelming.

Instead I decided to create our holiday card and share it where most of my friends and family connect: Facebook. All that landscape in the cover photo section was calling out to be filled with holiday sentiments.

The first thing I did in PicMonkey was create the collage that my card was going to have as its base. The app already has Facebook cover templates to use. I just loaded up the photos I wanted to use and then saved it.

Then I dove into the winterland theme.

You can do all kinds of stuff within the theme: add snow, add a feeling of frost, winterscapes, cool holiday-feeling fonts…I dare you to not feel inspired.

Here is my final holiday card (which is now live on Facebook):

Beyond making things for cards, PicMonkey is also fab for rocking a new Holiday themed avatar. I probably have a little too much fun with the “makeup” features – but for a gal that is so rarely makeup fabulous it is like playing dressup with yourself.

Here is some avatar fun I had:

Want to be inspired by what other folks have used PicMonkey for this holiday season? Check out their Winterland Pinterest board.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions, images, wackiness are mine.

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