It’s impossible to not compare this pregnancy with my pregnancy with W. However, nothing is the same.

With W I felt nauseous maybe 3 times total. I remember all 3 times being resolved by eating. I never upchucked once. I was casually tired with W but never really got to the ZOMG MUST NAP ASAP.

My skin, oh my skin!! Before I got pregnant with W it was awful. Seriously and tragically awful. About a week after my 3rd beta with W my skin transformed into smooth alabaster wonderfulness.

So let’s talk about the state of things with this pregnancy:
1. I have felt queasy for 7 weeks. 5 weeks ago the ralphing started. There is rarely much notice. It begins with a feeling. Sometimes I can talk the feeling into submission. When I can’t I start coughing. Once the coughing begins I have a nano second to find a receptacle.

I am helped by eating a tiny bit every hour. The B6/ unisom combo has also helped. I went from daily ralphing to about every other day. I think heartburn is contributing to some of this too.

2. I get smacked upside the head with The Tired. It is as if I have been drugged. The Tired drags me down to slow motion.

3. My skin is starting to get crappy. Just a few splotches here and there, but enough to let me know this is how it is going to be.

4. I was probably irritable when I was carrying W. But lately I go from zero to cartoonish blow ups. This is seriously not good as W is going through lots of boundary testing and the last thing either of us needs is for BOTH of us to be firecracking.

I stuck my toe in to some message boards with people due around the same time as me and then I got the fuck out of dodge. I walked into a thread of people showing off their “baby bumps” because DUDE! When you are having your 2nd (or beyond) child you totes show super early.

My reaction to looking at post after post of “bumps” was to chuckle.

With W I maybe kinda sorta looked like I was pregnant around 6 months – but it was certainly still in the “could be freetos” zone. Only around 8 months did things look obvious.

I seem to be carrying Tartan much lower than I carried W. And by lower I mean that I am carrying all in my ass. It doesn’t help that I have a rear full of bruises from daily progesterone shots (LAST ONE IS TOMORROW MORNING!!) so I am always aware of my hind region.

All of this aside, I am not complaining. Honestly. I would walk on my pinkies on hot nails in a cilantro field if I had to.

We will just call this an observational post.

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