When my family was on public assistance we often ate breakfast for supper, but seldom ate breakfast for breakfast. I actually skipped it most mornings in an effort to make the items in our pantry stretch, and most especially so that W would always, always, always have food.

Now breakfast is our favorite meal of the day. W and I sit at our dining room table and talk about our plans for the day. If it is during the week we are sometimes scrambling, but I know if W doesn’t have fuel to get through the morning it will be a disaster.

What are you like if you don’t eat in the morning? I know I am a complete crank and not able to focus.

We are entering into a dangerous time for kids in America right now. The holidays. With kids out of school on holiday breaks many children will not have access to school meals and therefore will not eat.

This is a season of giving right now. Many of us sat around tables this past week with the people that we hold most dear. We passed food to each other, we help hands as we gave thanks, we left the table with full bellies and warm hearts.

You can now continue that feeling of thanks and giving by helping children that need you. As you start to make your holiday gift lists consider giving the gift of “No Kid Hungry” by making a donation in someone’s name.

Giving directly is simple and powerful. Giving $46 would feed one child for a year. Right now 1 in 5 children in America are food insecure. Share Our Strength is trying to raise $300,000 by November 30th. They are so close! Let’s make this happen.

Watch this video about how programs like Share Our Strength help make breakfasts available to children.

Please help me spread the word about this.

Tell me what you had for breakfast today or let me know that you shared this post:

For every 5th comment on this post I will make a donation to Share Our Strength.

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