Or how about a car wash!

Or how about we dive through our basements and search for something of any value to sell?

Usually when I think about raising money for something I think about massively coordinated efforts taking long amounts of time and rarely reaching the top of that thermometer. Four years ago the internet helped me fundraise to afford a frozen embryo transfer. It was a total labor of love managed by one of my favorite people on the internet.

It involved massive spreadsheets, epic amounts of emails to coordinate, ebay savvy, and time. SO MUCH TIME.

Recently the world has gotten to know the concept of kickstarter. Artist types around the world were able to set up accounts and crowdfund projects. But you had to be an artist. And looking to fund and artist type thing.

There are other fundraising programs for nonprofits – and that’s awesome!

But here’s the thing: most of us are not nonprofits or rockstars. And a LOT of us have the one thing in our lives that we wish we could get a little help raising money for.

Enter Fundraise.com.

Fundraise.com is a social fundraising platform that allows anyone, not just 501c3 nonprofits, to create and manage all fundraising activity.

When I heard about this company instantly I thought about how helpful it could be for families looking for and needing ways to fundraise growing their family. From adoption fees, to IVF medication, to unexpected costs we never see coming – having an ability to fundraise, easily, could be so helpful. I was especially touched by this fundraiser to help NICU families.

I also thought about friends that have had illnesses or other curve balls in life. So many times, especially in the blog world, as readers, we want to find a way to help, to contribute.

Sometimes just knowing a tool like this exists is power. You may not need it now, but knowing such a resource is here brings comfort. We are not alone in our desire to help.

Disclosure: I was compensated to tell you about Fundraise.com. The opinions and enthusiasm in this post are all mine.

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