So. ha ha ha ha. Notice how I got all quiet over here? This was a favor to you. Trust me. If I had let lose on my keyboard it would have been post after post with me going, “OMG! WHAT IS GOING ON?” “Am I ok??” “Is Tartan still here?” “When will I ever calm the eff down?????”

And since writing those kinds of posts didn’t jive with the kind of calmness I am trying to wear I just turned my back on the site until I knew hurdles had been jumped.

Now there is so much to write about that I feel shy. Um. Still here? I didn’t lose you to holiday gift guides and stuffing recipes on other sites? {irony = I am also planning a gift guide}

My last proper post was exactly one week ago. How about we catch up a bit? I’ll break up the updates into a few easy to read chunks (with some bonus aside type posts in between) and by the time your family is ringing your doorbell looking for yams we will be right as rain over here.

Item 1:

I am still tired. So very, very tired. I am going to bed at 8 or 9 every night and groaning at 5 or 6 when W wakes me the next morning. Naps are of no use to me. They actually work against me. I think I am a deep sleep needer. So a one hour or two hour nap turns me into an asshole. I want MORE. I MEED more. I wake up cranky and annoyed.

Item 2:

Still green. Have puked exactly twice. But I am on the cusp of ralphing 65% of the day. The most random food items make me cringe: the smell of peanut butter, the idea of chocolate, the look of melted cheese…Driving makes me ill. Riding in a car makes me ill. I am oddly coping with the ill. I am more just annoyed at the never-ending threat that at ANY MINUTE I could upchuck.

Item 3:

Contrary to popular belief I do not enjoy peppermint pringles because of bizarre-o hormones. I think if you like peppermint you will like them. But you do need to appreciate the fine balance of salty/sweet.

Updates II and III will be up tomorrow and monday. One post is about Tartan and the other is about going to the OB. Exciting stuff.

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