I am going to vote as soon as the polls open on Tuesday. I will vote with my son on my hip. I will vote next to my Mother. I will be voting to reelect President Barack Obama.

I wish I could say that I could understand how someone could vote a different party line, but after the life I have lead I honestly get sad to think that someone could not be pro women, pro health care, pro food stamp assistance, pro equal pay, pro education, pro exploring new kinds of energy…

America is a fantastically diverse and beautiful nation and one of the things that we do best is help each other in times of crisis. Look at how we are all invested in helping the most recent natural disaster victims in the Northeast – we shine at giving a hand.

Except when we don’t.

Sometimes the only help a person or family can get will come from the government. Whether it is in the form of college assistance, housing assistance, food assistance, there are programs in place that do their best to prevent our neighbors from hitting the bottom.

Reelecting President Obama ensures that so many of the programs that saved my family can continue to save families in the future. It makes me hopeful that we can be a nation of peace. It makes me feel confident about W’s future.

Wherever your heart leads you to vote, and I do believe that we vote with our heart, I hope you will at least pause and think about my family and how thankful we are to have had the trampoline of assistance when we needed it.