I like to change up the cover on my profile on Facebook at the beginning of every month. In September I was orange for Hunger Action month, in October I was pink for cancer awareness, and now that it is November I have gone plaid with a list of items that I am thankful for.
thankful facebook coverI have so much to be grateful for this year. Despite some truly low moments, personally, overall my family and my wellbeing are good. I can look back on years that I have struggled and see how far we have come, how resilient we have been, how fantastic and amazing my friends are.

Sometimes I have a body or emotional memory that swings me back to the past but I always quickly remember – I am not there anymore. I turned the corner. The skin of gratitude covers every inch of my life now. I take nothing for granted.

My Family

Living in a multigenerational home is unique and I can not image my family any other way. Now that fatigue is something that grabs me at all hours of the day I am esspecially thankful for my Mother and her magical Grandmother status. W is so in love with his Lolly and it reminds me so much of the special bond that I had with my Grandfather. I could never have tried to grow my family more if I didn’t have the emotional and physical support from my Mother.

My Health

My thyroid is being managed well, ditto for my depression. This is so huge. Every once in a while I will feel a tug at the corners of myself – but I have been able to smooth out and push through.

My Home

Sure it would be fantastic if we had a bit more room, and OMG I would loooooove to have another bathroom, but we have a home. We have a place where we sit around a dining room table and eat meals together, a place where we play trucks, a place where we park the car and exclaim, “home again, home again! Jiggity Jog!”

My Friends

There is no contest – when it comes to friends I am the winner. I have friends that live down the street, friends that live in my computer, friends that live in my email inbox, friends that live in text messages… I have people. I feel it. I wallow in it, luxuriate in it. I would be so less of a person without my people.

My Courage

So here is the deal: I am going to own my courage. Life as a freelancing single Mom can be complicated. Sometimes I want to be still and quiet, but by and large my philosophy has become simply, “SAY YES”. Yes I can help you, yes I can give you my time, yes I can try something new, yes I can brave the unknown, yes. Yes I can.

My Passion

Courage feeds passion. I am passionate about so many things. Food, books, reading to W, making W belly laugh, creating beautiful things. I wake up so many days inspired and excited. I am thankful for this.

My Coffee

CLINK! Cheers! Sadly I have decreased the amount of coffee in my life. I’m down to one or two cups a day. But it makes me happy and I like the community of coffeeshops and the fun of brewing coffee at home with W.

My WiFi


My Doctors

There are people walking around the planet that have cured me. There are people who have helped me create and expand family. There are people who have listened to me, HEARD me. I am so thankful.


I think about you every day. I wonder if you are ok. I hope that you enjoy visiting with me when you are here. I love when you blow me away with your insightful comments. I love when you crack me up on twitter. I am inspired by you. You are amazing.

I’d love to know what you are thankful for. How are you letting the people in your life know?

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