Sometimes being a part time employer and a part time freelancer is great. But there are moments that are hard. For example, money. It’s still kind of a check to check kind of life. I am getting much better at managing my time and charging what my work is worth, but some times when you really need money it’s not there. This is a sort of long winded explanation to tell you that I should have ordered a refill on my progesterone (both PIO and suppositories) last friday but because I did’t think I had enough in my account I waited.

And I called the pharmacy Saturday and they were closed (specialty pharmacy). So when I called this morning I was worried that they wouldn’t be able to ship the meds. Turns out I had a reason to worry.

Because they couldn’t ship them.

This led to total (unhelpful) panic on my part, a frantic call to the nurse at the clinic, and lots of local pharmacy research.

When the nurse called me back she also told me my beta for Friday. It was just over 24 hours from the beta I had on thursday so I am stupid for being sad/freaked that it didn’t double. It is still in the normal range. So please help me stay CHILL about all of this. It’s all going to be ok. (KEEP TELLING ME THIS!)

The hurricane progesterone solution was to find a pharmacy that carried oral pills. I would need to take a lot of it to be as effective as PIO and suppositories. I do not care – I will do anything.

Mom is driving out to the pharmacy now. (and I feel super guilty that she is driving in this weather for me)

Mostly I just feel irresponsible for not calling in the refill Friday. I am doing a fantastic job at beating myself up over this.

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