dramatic interpretation of 5w2d situationThis day has been a whirlwind. It began with W waking me up at 4am. ooof. Then there was the drive to school, followed immediately by a drive to Mom’s work, followed by about 45 minutes where I could check my email and do a smidge of work, followed by the long drive to the clinic, followed by an ultrasound, followed by an appointment with a pregnancy nurse, followed by bloodwork, followed by driving Mom back to work, followed by my driving to a place near W’s school where I will need to leave to pick him up very soon.

And I did it all without coffee.

But who cares about all of that, right? You want to know what I was dying to know: was there a speck to see and was that speck in the right place, and if so was that speck measuring the right size.

Answer to all: YES.

There is some fun math involved with an assisted cycle in terms of coming up with the correct, “how far along am I?” equation. The clinic claims three days before transfer as the “conception day”. This is very amusing to me. I wasn’t even there on conception day. But based on the math I am 5 weeks and 2 days in the family way.

I only say this because I knew there was NO way that I was going to see a heartbeat today. What we saw was one perfectly sized gestational sack in my cushy uterus. That was the goal and mission accomplished! I am to go back in a week to see how everything is progressing. Hopefully by then we will see something winking back at us.

Having Mom go with me was so great. I had told myself that everything was going to be ok. But, there is always that fear lurking about. I knew I could not drive away from the clinic if the scan turned up some bad news. Mom and Millie were also with me the first time we saw the W blob. I was 5w1d then.

So I suppose plaidbryo has evolved. Welcome to Tartan.

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