It is full-blown cardigan weather now and my biggest dilemma is that I seem to only have one sweater! I was about to say, “I have no idea how this is possible” but I kind of do. I am a horrible purger. I like to donate clothes and many times, after the fact, realize that I kind of needed that sweater. I think in the moment I tell myself that I would and should buy something new when the seasons change. Then I don’t.

And then I find myself in a one sweater situation.

This is my cardigan/ sweater wish list:

1. Barcelona Sweater in Verdant Green from IGIGI

2. Draped-collar cardigan from J Jill Plus

3. Charter Club Plus Size Sweater, Long-Sleeve Cashmere Shawl Collar from Macy’s Plus

4. V-Neck Colorblock Pullover Sweater from Avenue

5. Cabled Asymmetrical Collar Pullover from Dress Barn

6. Marled Hooded Pullover also from Dress Barn

Ok – I am actually really digging all the Dress Barn sweaters! Now just to save up and figure out which lucky sweater will join my solo cardigan…I also need to hit the thrift stores and see if any of these styles of sweaters are just waiting for me there!

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