normal rise of a 20dpo betaOne of the perks of making sure I am first in line to get a blood draw is that I have been getting earlier call backs with results. I didn’t even have a chance to come here and write my SUPER ANGST OMG WHAT THE HELL IS THE NUMBER GOING TO BEEEEEEEEEE? post.

All weekend I kept telling myself: aim for 220, plaidbryo. 220 is ALL we needed to get back on the “normal” train. A tad lower would be a bit of a disaster. Above that number would make me burst with hope.

So. I’m bursting! My number today was a totally NORMAL 338. Still not a rock star number – but exactly where plaidbryo should be. And honestly? If it was a ginourmous number I would have freaked about another ectopic.

It feels so so so so good to be HAPPY about this again. To say it. Today I am pregnant.

I go back on Thursday for more bloodwork and by Tartan, I hope things are still looking good and normal.

It goes without saying that I never would have made it through this weekend without you guys cheering me on. You didn’t let me simmer in a place of fear or anxiety for too long. You pulled me through.

Let’s do it again on thursday!

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