articles about food stampsFood stamps. It’s a small element of the election this year. I would appreciate MORE talk about hunger issues in America, but right now it seems like other issues are front and center. When you are hungry, when your child is hungry, NOTHING else matters.

I want to make sure conversations about SNAP benefits/ Food Stamps continue to happen. Let’s talk about it on our social networks, at the school pick up line, with our family. Maybe you feel like hunger issues don’t touch your life – I know it is scary to think about some of this stuff, but allow me to be blunt: TRUST ME, they may not have talked about it openly, but you absolutely know someone on public assistance.

If you have just taken a pause to mentally run through your Rolodex and still feel like you don’t know anyone dealing with public assistance then allow me to be your person. Allow this collection to be your people.

Here are four recent posts/ articles about food stamps:

1. Confessions of a Food Stamp Foodie
In 2009 Michelle decided to try to live on a food stamp budget and purchase only sustainable, organic, local, and ethically produced food. She chronicled this journey for a Baltimore paper. This year she actually needed to apply and use food stamps and she had some big revelations.

2. Have you seen the email going around about a woman that purchased a single grape at a grocery store with an EBT card so they could get cash back? These sort of frantic email forwards make me so upset. The biggest problem I have is that people actually think this happened. IT IS UNTRUE. It also smacks of judgement and hostility. Shades of The Welfare Queen abound.

3. “Well excuse me that I work for a living and don’t rely on food stamps like you.” Yup. A manager of a grocery store actually said this to a customer, after telling the customer that her food stamps wouldn’t pay for her items. Shaming. Happens daily.

4. We’re the face of food stamps
“now we’re the family people walk away from with a sigh of relief…” POWERFUL post.

As always, the Feeding America site is a great starting place to learn more about hunger issues and how you can get involved. SNAP (Food Stamps): Facts, Myths and Realities

If you have a story that you would like to share, please email me. I would be honored.

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