beta drop watch after ectopicI’ll try to pretend that I am not in a total panic today. But you know me, I am ON EDGE. This is your regular “beta day” nerves joined in with my having some cramps and a bit of spotting last night. That was a total bitch slap to my optimism. Big time.

I got to the clinic when it was still dark this morning and was the first one there. I stood, shivering on the steps (because waiting in the car did not seem proactive enough) and willed a lab tech to show up. (I later found out that I was 30 minutes early because they had not updated the website or any of the paperwork with the new hours. AHEM.)

Mom had a morning adventure with W planned where she would take him to work with her and I would collect him there. The goal being that I would not lose 2+ hours of work time by going to the clinic AFTER I took W to school. There was a total public transit disaster in the morning with buses being cancelled without passengers being notified, yadda yadda. It was stressful for Mom and I hate that. {GUILT}

And now we wait. I have attempted to do some math based on the date when I saw my first positive on a home test. This, of course is very silly of me, BUT it’s like rubbing the corner of a sweater, I MUST DO SOMETHING WITH MY HANDS.

I’ll update once I know.

It is all out of my hands now, but that hasn’t stopped me from wishing on stars and pleading with the Universe.


After getting a verbal spanking from the nurse for coming in a day early…the beta is 80. A nice, solid, not too overachieving start for the plaidbryo.


{other math for math minded folks:
I am 11dp4dt.
Progesterone is in the 50’s.
Estrogen is in the 600’s.

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