I was at the Aiming Low Non Conference this weekend and it was seriously one of the best blogging experiences I have had in a long time. It was, by definition, a NON conference – but if I was to describe it to someone simply I would call it a blogging retreat. Ensconced in the “stop calling these mountains” of Georgia in Callaway Gardens, with literally zero cell reception, and questionable wifi, a unification of wonderful took place.

Bloggers from all walks of life gathered. It was quickly obvious that what we all had in common was the supreme desire to communicate well on our blogs. There was no “find your voice” workshop, no “know your brand” session. Instead this non conference made the correct assumption that YOU know who you are – you just need permission to BE THAT. 100%. And permission could only be granted by yourself – with encouragement from others.

The format was casual without any barriers between “speakers” and attendees. Round table was the key to this. Actual circle tables jam-packed with people at every radial point. A person designated as the thought leader got things started and then for the next twenty to thirty minutes it was a conversation. After that amount of time the thought leaders got up and moved to another table and everything began again.

I was leading conversations of bravery – what is it that we all WANT to do and why are we not doing it? I didn’t have the answer to this – it is all so individualized – but what I could help with was to pull people out of their heads and connect with others to achieve. I loved it.

Of course at the front of my mind was my uterus.

Ideally I would have waited to test until I got home, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to wait that long. So along with my meds I packed the last two internet cheapie tests that I had. I was going to be around friends at NonCon and several had experience with infertility – it was a safe place.

On Friday afternoon I sat in the last round table session and had cramps – the kind that make you go, “Well there goes THAT.” I texted Moxie who was sitting two people over from me (and my roommate!). After the session I went back to our room and pulled out the test. I knew it was early. But I was erring on the PROVE ME WRONG, UNIVERSE side and hoping that cramps might also mean something else.

I was happily surprised that it wasn’t a squinter. I facetimed Mom and W and shared the test, “let’s be hopeful!” and I brought in my People to the madness. I then went downstairs in search of dinner. I found a collection of my favorite people sitting at a large table in the hotel bar with Cecily at the head of the table. I locked eyes with Cecily and leaned down to whisper, “two lines!”

Being the person that she is she WHOOOOOOPED and then, because I was with so many friends, I shared why there was excitement. What happened next was pure comedy: we passed my cell phone around the table with the photo of the test. Yup. Good times.

When I returned home Sunday one of the first things I wanted to do was go to a drug store and get a proper test. I needed a digital and I needed an FRER. I needed to see that this was NOT like the zombryo cycle. At least not at this point.

In less than 30 seconds I got the following tests:
12 dpo positive tests

I cried.


I am going to see if I can go in a day earlier for my Beta because thursday seems SO FAR AWAY. Two more hurdles to leap over this month: positive Beta followed by properly increasing Beta.

This is going to be a looooooooong week.

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