baby walrusMore interesting things learned online:

1. I got my bloodwork and ultrasound report yesterday afternoon and am relieved that my meds do not need to be increased or altered. My estrogen is 400 something and my progesterone is 50 something. (I wrote it down somewhere…) So PHEW!

2. Ever wonder how cork was made? Of course you did! A UK website specializing in, OBVIOUSLY, wine, has shared a fantastic post on the creation of the cork that ends up, er, corking our bottles.

3. There is a small unit in NYC (only 300 people) that is specifically trained for and dedicated to dealing with calls of jumpers. The NY Times calls them the Jumper Squad.


5. Um… Hulk Hogan has a sex tape. I haven’t watched it and since someone who has watched it let me know that he does not rip off a muscle shirt I am not interested. If this is the sort of thing that would make your Wednesday I will direct you to Gawker’s NSFW article about it.

6. It’s the great big screen treatment, Charlie Brown! Peanuts is getting a feature length movie! You have to wait until 2015 to see Snoopy and the gang, but YAY!!


8. This will probably only interest like 2 of you, but Variety was just sold to Penske Media. This trade magazine has been around for over 100 years and when I lived in LA it was one of the 1st things that I read EVERY day. It will be interesting to see how things change.

9. A Vampire Squid From Hell (yes)

10. Now to repaire the damage that the squid did: Ready to have a truly awwwww moment? Watch Sally Field’s son introduce her as she wins Human Rights Campaign’s Ally For Equality Award. (It’s seriously sweet and funny and makes me love Sally Field so much.)

Photo of walrus from Alaska Sea Life Center

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