day of FETSaturday’s transfer was so smooth. The only drama of the day was my scrambling to find someone to watch W so that Mom could be with me for the procedure. I am beyond thankful that Cecily’s husband, Charlie, was able to come over for a playdate. W was positively THRILLED to have someone come play trucks and build monster legos.

I was thrilled to have Mom with me.

I started drinking water at 10am for my 10:30 transfer. During my Spring transfer I happily learned that because things had been rearranged during my C-Section I didn’t need to have a super full bladder for a transfer. It makes a massive difference to have that bit of discomfort eliminated. I consider myself very lucky.

The embryologist talked with me while the nurse set up the room. She had thawed five ‘two day’ embryos. Friday all five were still growing. By Saturday morning three had stopped growing and two had become “great looking” morulas. A morula is a 4 day embryo, typically a day before becoming a blastocyst.

I was relieved to have two embryos to transfer, but also relieved that the ones that stopped growing had done so before transfer.

The embryologist was one of those Prairie Dawn types so it was easy to get swept up in her optimism and enthusiasm. She handed me a photo of the embryos that they were about to transfer and I smiled down at them: my hope.

I knew instantly that I needed to give this cycle a name, something positive to tape over the hell of the zombryo cycle. What do I love most of all? Plaid. So I am smoooshing all love and good vibes into this cycle and dubbing it the Plaidbryo Cycle.

1/2 birthday cakeWhen the doctor walked in to perform the transfer I smiled: she was the same doctor that had performed my transfer that yielded W. I told her this and explained that Saturday W was exactly 3 and a half. “Let’s do that again”, and she patted my knees and we began.

It is amazing that we live in an age where a room full of women can help another woman become pregnant. In the procedure room there was Mom, squeezing my hand and wiping away my emotional tears, the embryologist, two nurses, and the doctor. There was so much tenderness and kindness in the room.

When the transfer was done everyone but Mom left the room. She held my hand and we dared to day-dream out loud.

Forty minutes later we were in the car to go pick up W. W and Mom then dropped me off at a local community acupuncture center. While I relaxed with needles all over my body W and Mom had adventures riding trolleys and playing in a nearby playground.

I was then on bed rest for the rest of the weekend (and am rest today as well). Mom was amazing bringing me snacks and my mid-day medications. W was also very attentive to me. I explained to him, the same as I did in the Spring, that I had been to the baby doctor office, the same office where I had gone to make him. I pulled out a photo of the morulas and said that they were the seeds that the doctor had put inside of me and if we were lucky one of those seeds would grow into a baby. Because of the zombryo cycle he remembers that it doesn’t always work. And it is all matter of fact.

Yesterday he wanted to know if I had a photo of his baby seeds and I was able to show him the 3 day embryos from his cycle.

I honestly can not explain how special it is to be able to share this stuff with W. It is how we make a family.

Tomorrow I go back to the clinic for blood work, ultrasound, and a lupron boost shot.

Today I am 2dp4dt / 6dpo

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