photo by Nick Selway and CJ Kale
It’s a rainy and grey day over here. In case you are having “one of those days” as well here are some stories that perked me up or shook me up. What are you reading about online today?

1. You guys have heard about Jennifer Livingston, right? She is a tv anchor in Wisconsin and recently responded, on air, to a viewers fat shaming comment. {You can read about Jennifer Livingston in this blog post on NPR}

What adds a new layer to the story is that Jennifer is Ron Livingston’s sister. Yes, the actor from Office Space and the guy that broke up with Carrie on a post-it on Sex in the City.

2. KitchenAid’s OMFG moment on Twitter.

3. There is going to be a Grease reunion. Sort of. Ok. Not really. But John Travolta and Olivia Newton John are going to to release a Christmas album this year.

4. Steel Magnolias!! THE REMIX!And heck yes I will be watching. (will air this Sunday on Lifetime) I loved the play, then loved the movie, and I think it is brilliant that a tv movie is here.

5. Scientists just discovered miniature dinosaurs! Check out Pegomastax.

6. A knit artist (yes) just knitted herself a boyfriend.

7. Draw with silk. Online. Right now.

8. You watched the debate last night, right? NOW watch the debate in an animated GIF. (dedicating this to my Mom who has ben in love with animated GIFs for far too long)

9. Have you seen lava in water? No? Well now you can.

Photo credit: Nick Selway and CJ Kale

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