what happens in the fertility clinic gets shared hereI told you it isn’t all that exciting in the days leading up to an FET. It’s yadda, yadda, pills, pills, and then suddenly BLAM! There is that crucial visit to the fertility clinic that tells you if you are moving forward and if so WHEN. I am now waiting for the clinic to call me back.

Here are the possible conversations that may happen:

A. I need to keep taking pills and come back in a few days for another check
B. I should stop taking pills because something is wonky –> cancelled cycle
C. I need to come on ____ day and get this FE to the T place

I am hoping for option C.

I decided to take photos of my morning for you. For some this may answer, “just what the heck HAPPENS at the fertility clinic?” for others it may be a trip down memory lane. And some of you are just bored at the office and keeping me company. (thanks)

first step is a visit to the blood lab

the next step is waiting around

the next step is measuring the uterine lining

next is trying to read the tech's handwriting

next is a visit to billing

a photo taken in fertility clinic parking lot

See? Explains just how fun these visits are!

And now…back to waiting for the phone to ring.

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