OMG FETClinic called while I was bringing W home from school. W SCREAMED and demanded I get off the phone SO LOUDLY that I had to beg the clinic to call me back.

All I could make out was “problems with bloodwork.” Yup. Just like in April.

I got W into the house and proceeded to explain as best as I could that he PLEASE needed to give me some quiet time for a phone call.

{This is the part where you laugh your head off – HA HA HA!! I tried to negotiate with a three year old!! HAAAAA!}

The clinic called back and I was able to go through my history. After several minutes of back and forth she finally found some paperwork from the spring and simply said, “ok, ok! You are good to go.”

Which I had to ask her to explain – good to go as in GOOD TO GO? As in proceed with the T of the FE?


I am now going to document my orders because blogging has officially saved this cycle. (seriously! Thank goodness I was able to say exactly, specifically, what happened in the Spring.)

My transfer is scheduled for this Saturday.
(and I just realized I didn’t find out what time…calling now)
{and they don’t know…I have to wait for embryology to call me tomorrow.}

take 4mg of estrace

Begin medrol
Begin antibiotics
Take 1cc of PIO before noon
take 2mg of estrace 4 x day
1 Prog Rocket in evening

Thursday – Friday:
2 cc of PIO
1 Prog Rocket in morning
1 Prog Rocket in the evening
2 mg of estrace 4 x a day

2cc of PIO
morning estrace pill
afternoon Prog Rocket
evening Prog Rocket
rest of estrace

{I would like to point out that as I have been typing this out W has been playing ever so sweetly and quietly with his trucks. Would have been ever so lovely if he had been able to tap into this ability thirty minutes ago…but didn’t want him to look back and read this in a few years and be all, “I TOTALLY WAS QUIET WHILE YOU WERE FREAKING OUT!”}

I am now exhausted from the emotional fluctuations of the all of this. I am trying to be chill over here.

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